Franziska Pretsch Systemic Coaching & Supervision

You have the feeling you are out of tune? Off the beat?
Maybe you feel you haven't found your own Rhythm in life yet, or you are out of rhythm. That can feel very uncomfortable, stressful, like a constant struggle.

I support you on your way to find your own Rhythm.
This underlying beat in your life that makes you feel at ease and keeps you in flow and gives you
energy and strength for every day

Nice to have you here! Come and step into the Rhythm of your life...

This space is for you. So a very warm welcome. To live out of your own beat and not quite in tune with your Rhythm can feel so exhausting. It can seem like a constant struggle to live, that drains you of energy and strength. Maybe you feel as if nothing can get you back on track, whatever you try. I am curious to hear how you experience this yourself.

Because we all have our own unique way of knowing when we are not in our own Rhythm. Let me know how you experience living off beat. And let's talk about how I can support you getting back in tune with your own Rhythm and find that pulse in your life that moves you forward in your flow.

Your Rhythm What does it mean to find the Rhythm in your life?

Living in Rhythm is this underlying feeling that your life is flowing exactly how it is meant for you. It feels like all areas of your life are working together and you can move forward with ease. When you come across some off beats on your way, you can find the way through because you are guided by your own Rhythm, the inner knowing where to go and what to do next.

To get to this place can feel unreachable for you. Maybe you feel many areas of your life are off track right now, such as your life's purpose, your relationships, your body and health, work ... But there are ways to get back into your own Rhythm and find that flow again.

Rhythm Areas Your unique Rhythm shows itself in many areas of your life...

Whether you feel you are off beat in only one area of your life or in many areas, changing it always starts with the first step: Looking at what is and how it feels for you right now.

So tune in now and ask yourself: In what areas of my life do I feel out of my own Rhythm and flow? Where does my life feel a constant struggle, out of tune, and I don't know how to change this? Which areas in my life feel heavy and draining?

My Channels

About me How I have found my own Rhythm....

I know the feeling of being off track because I have been there myself. It has taken me a while to find my own beat again and to find exactly that pace that feels totally in flow with my own life and unique contribution to this world.
Now it's not always easy, but it's easier to get back into my own Rhythm when life goes off track. And that's what matters: Knowing yourself and knowing intuitively what you need in any moment.

I have found ways that work well and support you getting back into your own Rhythm. And what I know is that these ways help you to live with your Rhythm in a way that is long lasting
and enduring. As once you are connected with your Rhythm and in flow, you know how to get back on it when
you get off beat again.