Franziska Pretsch is a systemic constellation facilitator and NLP coach who supports you living an aligned life.



Hello and a warm welcome to you.

Let me first ask you a question:

Do you struggle with fatigue, burn out, stress, lack of energy and ill health?

We live in a world where living as an original, authentically and aligned with ourselves, isn’t supported or encouraged.

We are told to stop thinking for ourselves and to find short term fixes instead of long term solutions and grounded new ways of living.

A lot of us have already tried many ways to make their physical symptoms go away, but what they discover is that some of the quick fixes work for a short time and then their symptoms come back, sometimes even worse.

Lacking energy, feeling drained or feeling ill can actually be a sign of our body that something bigger is here to be looked at.

When our body is saying NO to life and shows this through fatigue, stress or similar, the first step is to really honor this place and to face it as reality. Sometimes it’s best to just stop, breathe deeply and look at where we are right now, and to approach our situation in a different new way.

There is a deep place of energy and strength inside all of us that is yearning to come out and manifest in this world.

However when this energy is not acknowledged and seen and expressed, it can be misdirected into feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and confusion, and this is also showing on the outside as physical symptoms.

What I have experienced myself is this:

When we actually stop and listen to what is really going on in our bodies and in our lives, at first it might be quite uncomfortable, as we are not used to going inside and to acknowledge all of what is there to be found.

But what I experienced is that the more I made space for this inner place inside of me, to connect to it and to listen to it, the more I was able to use my own energy source and the more I was able to live truly and authentically from the inside out.

And living from this deep inner place is so more fulfilling in the long term than staying stuck in a seemingly easier place of distraction and superficial safety  that might brings some shallow feeling of happiness in the short term.

So what can we do differently?

The answer lies in learning how to get back to who we truly are, to fully see ourselves and where we come from and to find out what is within us.

This requires some deep inner work that is not always easy.

It requires commitment, ground work, honoring what is showing up.

But maybe this is the only way that allows us to live a creative and fulfilled life. If we feel this deep inner yearning to live our life aligned with our creative energy and flow, there is no way around going into the depth of who we are and to build a strong foundation from where our energy and strength can emerge.

Our personal and ancestral life story can help us find a more aligned way of living with ourselves and to express our meaning into this world.

Through systemic constellation work we can find a much more grounded place to stand on, a strong foundation to carry us through our life.

I have found that systemic constellations work on a very deep level within. They enable to bring real issues quickly to light when we have been trying to find out what is going on at the surface level for a long time.

Systemic constellations give us the space and freedom to make decisions that will change our situation and will bring movement to our wider circles. Systemic constellations affect us on all levels and allow us to embody in our day to day life what needs to be aligned, lived out and expressed.

So here is what I want to bring with my work:

I have a unique approach of combining systemic constellations as a primary way of working with music and body movement, as I have found that combining all of these approaches support going deep and provide a foundation to make long lasting changes for life.

Systemic constellations, music and body movement go beyond the conscious level and help us to build a strong foundation inside ourselves. They connect us with our ancestors and family system in different ways and give us a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up with body and soul every day.

This means more energy, more vitality and strength and it supports us in living an aligned life, truly in flow with our creative selves and our unique life paths.

I have experienced this in my own life which you can read more about here.

If my unique work sounds interesting for you and you want to find out more, then contact me here or read more about my services here.

Thank you for showing up and visiting my page.

Love and Blessings,


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